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Question: Why should an artist apply to art journals and critical peer reviewed magazines?


  • Having the addition of critical coverage rather than just popular reviews allows a different community of interested shcolars and art writers to engage with your work. Critical reviews are taken more seriously by industry professionals and are a sign that both your and your work are capable of adressing different kinds of audiences. 
  • Getting reviewed in a critical journal is a special sign of committment to your work. It shows that you also read these journals and keep up on the critical discourses that surround the kind of art production you make. 
  • Being reviewed in a critical art jounral is also one of the best things you can have on your resume, esepcially as you move from being an emerging artist to a mid-career artist and you start applying to show in bigger galleries or for better teaching positions.
  • Critical reviews of your work are just as important as popular mentions in the press and shouldn't be neglected by any arts professional.
  • Also, having a handful of journals that you regularly read can help stimulate your creative process and makes it easier to talk about your work in a broader sense, including industry trends, critical purchase and how other artists are negotiating similar issues in their work. 






Question 1: What are some top ranked art journals?


Question 2: What kinds of categories do they have for art journals? 

Art: Current Journals List


Question 3: How can you get published in an academic journal?​​​​


Question 4: What should a "fair use" contract contain in a publishing agreement?​


Question 5: What art journals are at ASU? Hayden Ferry's Review 






Always have a list of critical magazines that apply to the kind of work you make. Check their open calls and submission deadline regularly, and when there is a theme that fits your work make sure to apply.

If someone has already written something about your work that fits the open call, or, if you know someone who wants to write something about your work then you might want to alert them to a publishing opportunity for their writing in conjunction with gettting your art published so that  you can both benefit from an additional resume credit on your CV. 

Every Artist should have a list of critical art journals that they want to see their work featured in over the course of their career and apply regularly and often! 

Critical Art Journals (sub-category)

After all

Afterimage: The Journal of Media, Arts and Cultural Criticism | Calls for Papers |


American Society for Aesthetics | Calls for Papers |


Art Critical


British Journal of Aesthetics | Open submissions |


Canadian Journal of Communication | Open submissions |


CFP (Call for Papers, art & theory)


Constellations: Journal of Critical and Democratic Theory  | Open submissions |


Contemporary Aesthetics: An international, Interdisciplinary Journal of Contemporary Theory, Research and Applications | Open submissions | 5000 words or less |


Critical Inquiry | Open submissions | Less than 7,500


Criticism | Open submissions |


Cross Connect | Open submissions | Writers, artists and Galleries of Images


Ctheory: An International Electronic Journal of Theory, Technology and Culture | Open submissions |


CTRL+P: Journal of Contemporary Art | Open submissions |


Cultronix: Journal of Art, Art Criticism and Cultural Theory


Cultural Critique | Open submissions |


Cultural Dynamics: Journal of Culture, Politics and Power | Open submissions |


Cultural Studies | Open submissions |


Deleuze Studies | Open submissions | 7,000 to 10,000 words


Drain: A Journal of Theory and Practice | Open submissions | text and art | essays 5000-6000 words | reviews 1,200 to 1,8000words


Enculturaltion: Journal of Rhetoric, Writing and Culture | Open submissions |


Erratic Impact (Meta-database of criticism journals)


European Journal of Cultural Studies | Open submissions | 7000 words


Fillip: A Journal of Art, Culture and Ideas | Open submissions, essays and reviews |


Genders: Presenting innovative work in the arts, humanities and social theories | Open submissions | Call for Papers |


Humanitas: An Interdisciplinary Journal dedicated to the reinvigoration of the humanities | Open submissions |


Identity Theory | Open submissions, essays and art reviews |


Image and Narrative | Call for papers |


INFERNO: Journal of Art History | Call for papers | 2000 to 5000 words |


inTensions | Call for papers, art & reviews | Less than 4,500 words


International Association of Empirical Aesthetics


Invisible Culture: An Electronic journal for Visual Culture


Journal of Aesthetic Education


Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism (JAAC)


Journal of Aesthetics and Culture


Journal of Aesthetics and Protest


Journal of Contemporary Art


Journal of Dramatic Theory and Criticism


Journal of Ecocriticism (JOE)


Journal of Literary Theory


Journal of Social Theory in Art Education


Modernism/Modernity | Open Submissions |


Modernity: Critiques of Visual Culture


n.paradox:International Feminist Art Journal


NMEDIAC: Journal of New Media and Culture


Octopus: A Visual Studies Journal


Our Art Criticism | Open submissions |


PAJ: A Journal of Performance and Art | Open submissions |


Paragraph | Open submissions |


Poetics: An Interdisciplinary Journal of Theoretical and Empirical Research on Culture, the Media and the Arts.


PsyArt: an online Journal for the Psychological Study of the Arts


Quarterly Art Journal




Rethinking Marxism


Rupkatha Journal: On interdisciplinary Studies in the Humanities


Social Semiotics | Open Submissions |


Social Text | Open submissions | Art Reviews


Sociology Journals Database


StArt: Journal of the Arts and Culture | Open submissions |


Telos: Critical Theory of the Contemporary


The British Journal of Aesthetics


The European Legacy | Open submissions |


The Journal of Aesthetic Education | Open submissions |


The Journal of Aesthetics and Art Criticism | Open submissions |


Theory & Event | Open submissions |


Theory, Culture & Society | Open submissions |


Thesis Eleven: Critical Theory and Historical Sociology | Open submissions | 5000 to 8000 words


[Trans-] lation: Is a critically reviewed academic journal published in print and on-line curated by the students of University of Arizona


Turps Banana


Visual Arts Research | Open submissions |


Visual Studies (Open submissions)



X-tra Magazine

Zeroland: Meta-database of Art Writers and Resources




Art Journals


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