MODULE 11: Art Jobs









Q. & A. Session.

Question: Why should artists care about jobs? 


  • Other than the obvious demands of paying the bills, a job in the arts helps to build your reputation among art professionals and can lead to greater opportunities in the future. 
  • Finding and applying for jobs in the arts is sometimes difficult because of the level of competition and necessary experience, yet persistence and having a unique skill set are often rewarded. 
  • Remember to flex your network power, focus on the things you excel at and make sure to sign up for local and national job hunting services. 
  • A good portfolio and a solid set of interviewing skills will likely be rewarded in a shorter amount of time than you think. The key is to make sure you're consistently putting yourself out there so you're ready when the opportunity strikes. Also, remember to work on you interviewing skills by knowing something about the company and the job you are applying for and make sure to practice your responses to key questions ahead of time.
  • Make sure to always spend a little time each month polishing your resume, website and keeping your activities and professional associations current. 




Take the time to read up on the kinds of jobs that are out there for artists and what the median pay is in a given area so you don't het dramatically underbid or underpaid. 


Question 1: What are the tops paying art jobs?

Art Bistro - 8 Creative Jobs that Pay over 60K / Creative Jobs by State[keyword]=
Art News - Best Paying Jobs for Art MAjors
Business Insider - Highest Paying Jobs for Art and Design Majors

Inside Job
Payscale - Best Jobs for Art Majors by Salary Potential


Question 2: How do you build a sustainable art career?

Hyperallergic - 7 Ways to Build a sustainable Art Career

How to Build a career as an artist

12 Steps to building a thriving art career

Tips to build sustainable art careers

Does your art busniess run you? Learn to build a sustainable art career


Question 3: What Art Jobs have the Brightest future? 

10 Artistic Careers with the brightest futures

Huffington Post - Art Jobs with the Brightest Futures

Creative and Desgin Jobs of the future


Question 4: What kinds of Jobs are there for artists that you did not know about? 

I love to Know - List of 60 Art Careers
Student Art Guide - 150+ Art Careers: The Ultimate Guide



Always have a list of your favorite job servers and check them regularly! 

Being the first to apply, having a current and professional looking resume as well as touching base with someone at the organization about what they are looking for in an applicant are all key components to succeeding in the art job market.

Below are just some of the job listing databases. There are many more, espeically if you are looking for work at a specific company or institutiuon, then you should check the job listings that are regularly posted by thier Human Resources departement. 

Art Job Listing Services (Sub-Category)

Alliance of Art Communities | National database |

Art Career Project | National database |

Art Jobs  | National database |

Art Jobs (Global) | Global database |

Arts Wave | Global database |

Arizona Commission for the Arts | AZ database |

Art Jobs NYC | NYC |

California Arts Council | CA |

College Art Association | National database | Academic |

Craigslist | AZ database |

Creative Jobs Central | National database |

Flex Jobs | AZ |


Government Jobs​ | National database |


Higher Education Jobs | AZ | Academic |

Indeed (Jobs Search),-AZ-jobs.html | AZ |

Incredible @rt Department | National database | | National database |

Linked In | National database |

Monster | National database |

Simply Hired | AZ database |

Up Work | National database |

Vitae | National database | Academic |

Zip Recruiter | AZ database |




Jobs for Artists


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