MODULE 2: Social Media









Q & A Session.

Question: Why should an artist use social media? 


  • Having a web presence is now an essential part of getting the word out about your work! Websites, blogs, photo sharing sites and other artist portfolio platforms are easier to build than ever, with more prefab templates to choose from and the cost of maintaining these sites is relatively low or even free!
  • When you link different forms of social media to your website using widgets and buttons, it can help to create greater connectivity, and it also allow your followers to see your creative process, helping to turn web traffic into real traffic in getting the word out about your events, exhibitions, demonstrations, classes you may be teaching, etc. 
  • Although social media platforms take a little bit of effort to get familiar with, many artists love being able to post new material and accomplishments each and every week, not to mention that a well done website with great social media links can create a bit of buzz about your work all by itself!
  • Always remember that a website and your social media links are some of the first things that an interested gallery dealer, client or potential collector will look at. It is also where potential employers will get a snapshot of your skills and academic background. Having a strong media presence is the place where other artists and fans will access your work on a daily, weekly and monthly basis. 
  • And if building a website is too complex, learn how to make a professional looking blog instead. If done properly, a well designed blog can convey all the necessary infomation about your work in just as professional a manner as a website. 




Before picking any social media sites take a moment and self educate about what they are used for and how what they offer can work to your benefit as an artist. Try to think of new uses for platforms in terms of communicating, connecting, and building an audience for your artwork. Adopt those forms of social media which already have the largest numbers of users and build out from there by using "speciality" platforms that cater more to the arts.


Question 1: What are the top social networking sites today and why? Research and be ready to present your finding to the class.
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Question 2: What are the best social media networks for creative people and why? Research and be ready to present your finding to the class.

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Question 3: What are the top reasons that artists fail at social media? Research and be ready to present your finding to the class.

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Question 4: Why is instagram so important in the artworld? Research and be ready to present your finding to the class.

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Question 5: Why is social media vital for artists today? Research and be ready to present your finding to the class.

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Question 6: Why is Social Media the "New" Gallery? Research and be ready to present your finding to the class.

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Question 7: How can artists use social media to promote their work? Research and be ready to present your finding to the class.

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Question 8: What are the top social media platforms for Artists? Research and be ready to present your finding to the class.

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Question 9: What is some honest advice for artist who use social media today? Research and be ready to present your finding to the class.

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Pick one or more social media sites that show off your work and process as an artist. Make sure to link them to your website, Facebook page, etc. so that your active social media sites connect to your other platforms. Make sure the widgets/buttons are visible and easy to come across.

Use different forms of social media to show off a different aspect of your work and working process than what you present on other sites. If you repeat the same images and the same angle on all your platforms its better to consolidate them down to just one or two platforms rather than to diversify. Conversely, if you are able to cultivate different "voices" or a different look into your life and art on different social media sites, than cross-platform synergy will work for you and your various audiences, with each new platform ultimately allowing them a different user-generated experience each and every time they visit your work.

Pick the platforms for social media that fit you and your work. Update them regularly or don't use them at all! A dead site works against you in much the same way that an active site works for you. 

Social Media for Artists (sub-category)

BizSugar | Free Business advice |

Blogger | Free Blog |


Facetime  | Free calls and networking | worldwide |

Foursquare | Social connection | Close physical community |

Flickr | Photo sharing |

Google + | Social media | Virtual community

Kik | Social media | Conversational community sharing |

Instagram | Photo sharing with comments | Virtual community |

Linkedin | Professional social media connections | Physical and virtual community |

Medium | Social Medium | Longer form sharing with text and image |

Myspace | Social Media |

Periscope | Social media |

Pinterest | Image sharing with comments | Virtual community

Posthaven | Pay for Blog with more options |

Skype  |Free calls and networking | worldwide |

Slack | Social media for teams |

Snapchat | Social media |

Tumblr | Blog

Twitter | Short comments social media |

Viber | Free calls and networking | worldwide |

Vimeo | Artist video channel |

Vine | Short artist video channel |

WhatsApp | Free messaging | Worldwide |

YikYak | Social Media for local community |

Youtube | Artist video channel |



Social Media Sites for Artists

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