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Q. & A. Session

Question: Why does an artist need to know about art event listing services or art news providers? 


  • A gallery may only promote their openings at one or two regular listing services and these are usually local. You want to promote your work far beyond those resources.
  • If you can get an early press release from your gallerist or even write up your own blurb and snap a couple of promotional images you can usually do a better job promoting the show yourself, both locally and globally! 
  • Most art listing services and some art news services are free to participate with if you take the time to set up an account or portfolio page, contact the editor, or simply write an inquiry to see if they might be interested in listing your show.
  • This allows you to get a bigger audience, create a larger digital footprint for your work and garner some free national and international exposure.  You might also make a few important contacts at news sources who will help promote your work in the future and you'll continually be learning how to market yourself better to a broader audience.
  • Getting your work out there means more people will discover you, will call and contact you about doing shows, aks you to be in magazines, and want to work with you on professional commission projects. Being seen in event lisiting services means more people will autonomatically think of you as a professional working artist which will help to opne more doors down the line.
  • Remember to write down your access codes because you want to promote your work on a reoccurring basis. You'll need these on hand.





Questions 1: What is the difference between publicizing your own work and having a promotional company do it for you? Research and be ready to present your finding to the class.

The Fine Art of publicizing and marketing your fine art

Paying a company to market your art?

PR for Artists

Go Artist Go

Fine Arts Agent

List of the Firms that market Fine Art

List of Firms that provide art services


Questions 2: What are some opportunity sites that every artist should know about? Research and be ready to present your finding to the class.

5 Opportunity Sites that every artist should know about

Artist Marketing Resources


Questions 3: What about services that do press, targeted advertising or show listing services? How much do they cost and what do they accomplish? Research and be ready to present your finding to the class.

Press Release Marketing for Professional Artists

Side Arts (Listing promotion services)

Targeted Advertising

The Art Guide

Show lister

Artfair sourcebook

Artist Resources





Posting on event listing services not only gives you a bigger digital footprint and allows people interested in art to know your event is coming up, it also acts as a catalog of achievements on the servers than compile artistic profiles like Artslant. These profiles are checked by dealers to see your exhibition history, who you've shown with, where, and how often often. You can often advertise your even on any number of art listing services around the world to broaden your digital footprint and expose your work to audiences around the world. Make sure to have a list that you always post on of 5 to 10 servers so that you are always growing the audience and impact of your work.

Art listing services are a key aspect of self-promotion. List on more than one service locally.

Arts beacon | AZ Event listing |


Artlink​ | AZ event listing |

New Times | AZ Event listing|

Artslant | Global | Gallery and Artist Platform Event listing |

Art Cat | Gallery and artist platform for data storage | 


Art Ltd | National event listing service |


Art Collecting | Global | AZ | Gallery Listing |


Artillery Magazine 


Fecal Face | SF-NYC | Event Listing |


The OC Art Blog | Orange County | Event Listing |



Event Listing Services


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