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MODULE 20: Art News and Interviews













Q. & A. Session.

Question: Why should an artist care about following the art news?


  • Art news services are a key aspect of knowing about new trends and developments in your field as well as being another way to get additional coverage for your work in the future. 
  • Art news is a place for you to get your work and/or exhibitions covered on more than just 'event listing' services by contacting editors and submitting work for news stories. Getting a larger platform is a crucial aspect of building an art career in the global marketplace and art journalism is one part of making that  happen. 
  • Complimenting naitonal writers on how much you enjoyed their articles and being in touch with a few local art writers that might be able to provide you with extra coverage never hurts either. Remember, most of the art writers of the world write for the news and not critical magazines, and most are relatively unknown and unapprecaited, so friending a few on social media or following a few writers blogs that you genuinely enjoy can lead to developing a working relationship that may get you some extra exposure down the line.
  • So when you do read the art news, take note of your favorite art writers and be sure to compliment their work. Try to slowly build working relationships with them or at least include them in your network of people you support, share, and tell others about their work and yours! 
  • Of course, none of this can happen though if you don't first follow the art news!





Question 1: How can following industry news boost your career?​


Question 2: How can you stay releveant in your industry?​​​


Question 3: What do you have to do to get ahead in your profession?​​


Question 4: Why is it important to manage your career development?​


Question 5: What are the top strategies to interview well?





You should always have a list of the top 10 or 20 art news services around the world that welcome the open listing of events. Having a greater digital footprint globably will get your work seen by more people and ultimately lead to greater opportunities to show your work around the world. Remember, providing images and a press release well in advance of the show increases your odds of them accepting your submission and making sure the images are compelling and shot to the specifications of the organization will help even more.


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Huffington Post Arts | news on the latest architecture, photo, design and books | | forum for playful, serious, and radical perspectives on art and culture 


Ignorant | award-winning online magazine featuring the finest in art, design, photography, fashion and architecture | | arts magazine that covers fine art, graffiti, tattoo, design, and cinema | | based in London, uses the word “creativity” a lot |


Juxtapose | Illustration and figurative art news |


New Criterion | a monthly review of the arts and intellectual life |


New York Times - Art | News about Art, including commentary and archival articles published in The New York Times |


NPR Fine Art | News on art, music, life |


Phoenix New Times Arts & Culture | up and coming shows, news, and culture |


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